Creating Value…Look to Blue

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Value

In the membership industry, there are some pretty well know factors — with some slight differences between providers. You’ll find treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, group exercise, resistance equipment, weights, and locker rooms — the names may change, but commonalities abound.

For all that centers have in common, there are also great variances: the environment, service culture, facilities, staff, current members and location. Center leaders must craft the packaging of their value for current and prospective members.

This weekend I received an e-mail offer from American Express — an offer to join the JetBlue Flight of the Month Club. It was packaged brilliantly.

The product: One RT flight anywhere JetBlue flies every month for 12 months
Cost: $2,000
Value: $166 per flight
Call to Act: Only 3 available

Imagine creating a membership offer like that? What a wonderful position to be in for an organization.

Now, JetBlue has many things working in their favor with such and offer: their product/service is a known entity, prospective customers and fans know what to expect, and a strong brand identity. Despite having that past PR debacle of leaving passengers on a tarmac, JetBlue remains a company known for value.

Their practices can aid the membership industry, however we must be willing to apply the lessons.

* Become a known entity
* Ensure the meeting of expectations
* Create a fan base

We must also not be fearful of declaring “hey, we’re going to screw up, please give us the opportunity to change and make it right.” “Making it right” creates fans. Value is in the eye of the member or prospective member — it’s our role as membership leaders to capture it, craft a package of value, and deliver on it.

On the JetBlue offer, I was too late however when notified I did not score the “Flight of the Month Club”, I was offered to purchase a $100 JetBlue flight card for $70. Way to go Blue — it was like a stream of value.


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