Go Tribal for Retention…

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Retention, Value

Taking a preemptive approach to customer/member/fan retention is the easiest task in our work.  The caveat being if its your passion.

All the gurus flying around the country (charging fees to tell us what time it is –with our own watch) use great vernacular: engage, touch, contact, mindshare, differentiate, listen.  I made up a couple myself (one was even jacked by a high charging guru): member-centric, memberevolution, memberevolt (don’t want that one).

Seth Godin shares his brilliant ideas on tribes in a variety of mediums, so look him up.  If service and retention are your passion – creating a tribe is the first step to being a retention leader.  And with a tribe, all of the guru-speak prescribed stuff happens without a studies, checklists, scripts, meetings, process or an invoice.  It is ingrained, its an organic occurrence.

Godin refers to tribes as silos of interest that incite curiosity inside the tribe and outside the tribe.  Nothing better than receiving a call from a colleague stating, “I’m hearing amazing things…what are you doing over there?”

Going tribal does require an effort in recruiting, one must recruit real well.  Surround yourself not with individuals like you, but those that honestly share your ideas.  Find the true believers — it takes time, however, they are out there.

Build a culture around the tribe’s ideas and create a movement within your walls, throughout the community, in social media and then the globe.

Commit your passion to the tribe and retention is simply one of the wonderous outcomes.

Enact to customer/member/fan retention, don’t react to it.  It’s a culture, not a statistic.



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