Vacation…Day 1

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Innovate

Nothing better than being surrounded by family while on vacation.  The love, the banter and play of young cousins.  The adults simply appreciating being together – key decisions are whether to fill the day with movies, shopping, where to lunch, or simply kicking back for some r&r.  You know you’re family when you all can be in the same room and no one is saying a word but you’re all smiling.

Opportune time to decompress – the past year has been a profound learning experience.  Over 18 straight months of infuriating the process purists…it has been a wild, dangerous ride, and I didn’t wear a helmet.

My mission remains the total elimination of ALL preconceived notions of how things should be without the exploration of alternative ideas.  Open minds to imagining infinite possibilities before us.

In regard to membership and service – we own the whole widget and must take absolute responsibility for every member’s experience.

Going to try and CRUSH IT on vacation, Mike.


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