Duplicate Passion NOT Process

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Culture, Innovate, Marketing, Passion

A well intentioned staff member mentioned that during a conversation with a couple that I had toured and sold their membership, they spoke glowingly about the tour I gave, noting my excitement and professionalism.

I thank her and walked away in horror.  The success of any sales program (and I mean ANY) — widgets, memberships, juices, or even cars is the ability to duplicate it through your entire team.  I sat in my office and stewed — it’s one thing to “model” the tour and sale and another to create an duplicable method.  Then I had an epiphany — it’s not the tour, the sale or the close, it is something entirely different.

PASSION.  When I give a tour or presentation, it is my heart and soul out there — fearless.  They say prior to being 5 years old we hear the word “no” well over 5 million times (50 million if you ask my Mom).  I’ve been laughed at, ridiculed (to my face and behind my back), just like everyone else.  So, there is little to affect me when I’m in my zone.  That is what is duplicable.

Create a culture of passion — I don’t know every fact and figure, every membership category rate, every program, every comp plan, or every ingredient, and I don’t have to, and neither does my team.  What we must convey is our passion for what we are doing — it’s infectious, it is viral.

Duplicate passion not process.


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