Deck the “Always”

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Culture, Innovate, Motivation

Deck the “Always”…
we always do it this way
we always meet at this time
we always meet in this room (meet outside, that will get the juices flowing this time of year)
we always structure the meeting this way
we always dress this way
we always look this way
we always walk this way (“walk this way”, Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein — classic!)
we always speak this way (how many anacronyms in your industry)
we always avoid these subjects
we always conduct business this way
we always sell this way
we always market our products this way
we always avoid conflict
we always avoid risk
we always scoff new ideas (unless they are our own)
we always frown upon the success of others (must have got lucky)
we always
we always

From where I’m sitting — “we always” got our world economy and a lot of businesses in a significant amount of trouble.  So whatever you’re “we always” business practices are — I’d say it’s time to dump them.

As I’ve noted in the past — THIS IS THE RECOVERY, so we best get used to it.  It’s a new world friends and neighbors.  I’ve never witnessed such defensive posturing and finger pointing in my life — open any paper or turn on news TV, and someones getting blamed (or hit with a golf club).  What ever happened to “we always” work together?  “We always” fight united?  All lovey dovey and singing Kumbaya when times are good, but in times of challenge or adversity — “we always”…

Always be remarkable and not replaceable. (guess that’s kind of a good “always”)

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