Posted: December 14, 2009 in Motivation, Passion

All sorts of fancy motivational strategies out there: mantras, blueprints, declarations, affirmations, plans, tantras (had to throw that in), etc.

I’m guilty — I’ve got my mantras and those of others I embrace.

All have little or no value until we take action.  They can lead us up to that split second and they can inspire us up to that split second.  Yet they do not make us take that fateful step.  WE do.  WE make it happen.

We have all stood at the precipice — the ledge.  It represents newness, discomfort, risk, potential reward, potential failure, dramatic change.

What triggers that step can be world shattering events like losing a large account, the defection of a team member, the loss of a loved one, or having a zero bank account.  It can also be the most mundane event like being asked, “so, what do you do?”

Are those trigger moments passing us by?  How many times have we not taken the step?  Ever go away thumping your forehead exclaiming “I should have said…” or “I should have done…”?  I sure have, however the mantras have made me better in the moment.  Yet, I still must make the step.

Keep finding, cherishing and practicing all of the available tools (certainly no shortage).  Use them in the moment, but rely on yourself to take the leap.

“I’m a membership jedi teaching organizations to be remarkable and not replaceable” — at a recent speaking gig I had a lady rolling on the floor laughing with that answer.  She’ll never forget me (and she’s now a member) — I win.

Be remarkable…not replaceable.


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