It’s my party!!!

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Motivation

This day, 43 years ago was my launch (thanks Mom). Guess I’m now Mike 2.0 as we head into the new decade.

At 40 you start falling apart — at 43 you begin to realize what has fallen off. I’m losing an average of 5 yards a year off the tee, now only averaging 265 yards.

2009 was a brutally challenging year. To finish it standing I had to step far out of my “behind the scenes”/introverted comfort zone. I’m standing, but walk with a bit of a limp. It’s been a year of tackling constant obstacles — some from my own teams. Not easy playing defense against the economy, opponents and also the teammates you’re supposed to playing with to win. I’ve grown more professionally and personally than I can ever recall. Never too late to work on personal development.

Realizing my passion has freed me. I now focus on WILD (what I like doing).

I declare a win in 2009, so for 2010 I’m the defending champ. I’m coming out swinging with a new team of players and coaches (Yodas).

Be remarkable — surround yourself with the absolute best and never settle. Time is of the essence.


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