What Message Are You Sending?

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Marketing, Value
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I saw a billboard today that had me laughing, cringing, and appalled all in the time took to drive by it.

To spare anyone embarrassment I’ll not share the hopsital, but it sure could end up on Lettermen or Leno.

Imagine in the midst of the current debate raging in health care and savvy consumers demanding our best in terms of service and reading the following:

Faster E.R. Waiting Times

First I must disclose that I am not and E.R. groupie — If I’m ever in an emergency room, something’s broken — badly broken.

“Faster” and “waiting”????  What were they thinking putting those two together.  I’m sure the marketing genius that put the campaign together worked real hard at it.  The image that comes to mind is simply disturbing.

Define faster.  How about, “your butt won’t feel like it’s part of our plastic furniture.”  “Your kid won’t cry herself to sleep waiting to be seen.”  “The broken bone won’t set itself while you wait.”  “Our staff will keep you updated during your visit.”

Use caution when crafting your message and if you’re going to be brave and address stigmas like ER waits use extreme caution.

Faster ER Waiting Times — at Oxymoron Hospital.


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