Loyally Screwed

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Economy, Innovate, Marketing, Retention

Anyone working in business will tell you (and if they won’t, I will) — watch what your largest customers are doing.

What killed the video store?  Online movies, On-Demand, NetFlix, iTunes, etc.  Now I was a once a week rental guy, if that.  But when their 7 day a week movie fanatics (the guys or girls that waited at the door for the latest release) went to 4 a week to 3 a week, to one a month — the signs were there, but was anyone listening?

Those loyalists are your foundation — absolutely critical relationships.  Blockbuster is still playing catch up from their bricks and mortar strategy to a clicks, order and mortar strategy.  Stubbornness, did someone not act, or a case of rolling over and playing victim?  Even better, let’s blame gas prices and the economy!

Your loyalists may not necessarily be fans — if you’re providing convenience and someone else enters the marketplace with more convenience, you’re history.  I refer to that as loyally screwed.

Convert your loyalists to fans for a stronger foundation and begin to LISTEN.

You can see your own future, your crystal ball is at your fingertips — all you have to do is listen.  You may be able to determine the next curve in your industry through these relationships — pay very close attention.

Be remarkable, not replaceable.

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