Tape on Glass

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Culture, Marketing, Retention
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In addition to my over abundant anxieties, irrational fears, and offensive bouts of total irreverence I also have a HUGE pet peeve.  I cannot stand tape on glass.  Taping promotional fliers or announcements on glass would be outlawed in my “memberopia”.

Last year an old friend called asking me to fly out and work with him and his team to create some retention strategies.  I flew out in late December and visited the facility a few hours prior to my appointment time.  The front doors were plastered with fliers — one noting they were closed on Thanksgiving Day.  It was downhill for from there — I then noticed the filthy lobby floor, tattered furniture, chipped welcome desk, and endless clutter.  They can’t keep their fliers current, what will they do with my fitness goals?

For my meeting I took down all of the outdated announcements and I began with the question, “how do you communicate with your members?’  The answers were brilliant – “through our staff…e-mail blasts…web site…”, no one mentioned fliers.  So I lifted the eleven (yes, 11 outdated) fliers and asked what they were for.  “Critical or important announcements”, a brave soul offered.

If it’s critical or important why not through the other mediums noted?  If it’s critical or important why next to a pile of outdated past critical items?  If it’s critical, I want the surgeon at my bedside, not leaving a flier on my IV bag.

We live in a world of constant noise — audio and visual.  One thing we have with all the noise is the choice on what we will focus.  Don’t add to the noise, beat the noise.  Imagine the difference of staff telling every member, “just a reminder Mike (use their name!!!), we’re closed Thanksgiving and hope you have a great holiday.”  Or a similar phone call, e-mail, text message, FaceBook posting, ANYTHING besides tape on glass.

People come to wellness facilities to escape the noise, not for more of it.  Lose the noise or lose your members.

My friend enjoyed an 18% increase in retention in 7 months.

Be remarkable, not replaceable.


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