Customers or Combatants

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Culture, Marketing, Retention
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Whenever I have to pick someone up at the airport, I get there early — I love watching people, the ebb and flow fascinates me.  Funny how when I’m the one traveling I’m the loser running to his gate.

My reverie was interrupted during a recent airport run by the marketing director of a biz-to-biz company — need to start wearing my ‘misanthrope’ t-shirt again, still not sure why he chose me that night.

He used an expression that absolutely disturbed me.  In kibitzing on business and the economy, he said, “well our people on the front line are telling me……………….”.  I zoned out the rest and I have no idea what he said after that.

The front line?!?!  Front line?!?!  Are you at war?  Thought you said you provided a billing system for Fortune 1000 companies?  At war with whom?  Your customers?

Boer War Pictures, Images and Photos

If we ask our employees, how things are on the “front line” are we suffering from ivory tower syndrome?  There are hundreds of other terms to describe those critical employees that have constant direct contact with our customers – use them.

Make love not war — they are customers, not combatants.

Be remarkable not replaceable.


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