Taxed and Feeling Good (Embedded Generosity)

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Economy, Marketing, Value
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Not sure who said it, but the old expression “the only absolutes in life are death and taxes” always hits home (and wallet) this time of year.  Mrs. Membershipjedi and I prepare for an arduous annual meeting with our accountant.  I missed last year’s due to an event conflict out of town — and my lovely bride assured me that was not to happen again, ever.

Our two little tax deductions are growing quickly and we are determined not to provide them with any siblings, so any deduction is a good deduction.

I told my wife I was going to put the receipts for my purchases of Toms Shoes as deductions, to which she replied, “before you put anything in that folder, ask Richard” (our Libertarian accountant).

Richard was not familiar with Toms Shoes (<-click that if you’re not either).

I explained that for the pair I bought, a shoeless child somewhere in the world would receive a pair. When he was done laughing and picked the phone back up from the floor, he said that I’d have to give my pair to get a deduction, but nice try.

Despite losing out on a small deductible, I’m still in love with the idea of embedded generosity.  I see the bottles of water sold in Starbucks around town, Toms Shoes, etc.  Consumers respond quite well to products and services that maintain a charitable component.

As humans we inherently want to help others, and I’m convinced that as consumers if given the right product, we will purchase it knowing it will help others.

I’m developing the idea of the “Difference Maker Membership” — not sure if it can model Toms’ one-for-one, but I’m trying to get close.

Do you have or know of a product that can make a difference?

Be remarkable, not replaceable.


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