Hey, What’s Your Sign?

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Economy, Marketing, Value
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Only in Scottsdale?

Saw a sign yesterday, going back this week to see if I can get a picture.


OK, ‘fess up, who’s the marketing consultant that recommended that strategy to their med-spa client?  Please, please, please send me an e-mail — I’ll buy the coffee, we must meet.

I guess vanity knows no recession (or does it?).  Wouldn’t you love to get the stats on how many “walk-ins” they did have from that campaign?  If I get the courage up, I’ll go in and ask.

Remember when “walk-ins welcome” signs were reserved for barbers or hair salons?

A sign like that can cause a business some perception challenges:

  1. How will existing clients feel?
  2. What if I made an appointment 3 weeks ago and saw that?
  3. It’s kind of cheap and cheesy — are the needles clean?
  4. The guy selling beef jerky out of his van has the same banner and font.

It’s a race to get customers and keep them.

botox race

Differentiate yourself in service and how you get your message out.

The challenge: what message would you have the medspa put on their sign?

My idea: “Botox – No Waiting, No Lines”

What’s yours?

Be Remarkable, Not Replaceable.

  1. Sara says:

    This made me laugh. Great idea for a post. I’m not sure what I’d recommend.
    Maybe … “Beautify now. We welcome walk-ins.”

  2. Kevin Causey says:

    Nice article. Hmmm, sign on the front of a spa offering walk-in service for Botox:

    Walk-in today, walk-out 10 years ago…

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