A Campaign for UnMarketing…

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Marketing, Passion, Value
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1,310 tweets and one year ago December, I logged onto Twitter for the first time.  One of the tips (or twips) I read was to follow the people that had followers — they must know what they’re doing.  I began following a dude with the handle @unmarketing.  If you don’t follow him on twitter, I highly recommend following.

His real name is Scott Stratten.  I was entertained because for a couple years I referred to myself as an “unexecutive” which I borrowed from another friend who was an “unbanker”.  Scott’s brand of marketing and philosophy of engaging lit my brain on fire.  He referred to himself as a “jedi” and he is a former non-profit guy — can’t beat that — the dude’s like a brother.

Scott has a book coming out in the Fall, or an UnBook.  For months we’ve seen his word count progress and the cities he planned to visit.  Despite my occasional pleas for Scottsdale, Arizona I was pleasantly ignored — just another twitter stalker (twalker) in his legion of followers.

So, how does one engage the “jedi engager”?  I did it in a video, my Arizona UnBook Tour Video (click here to see it) .  I borrowed his style and had to apologize to him and the rest of the planet, however, it garnered some attention.

Will the UnBook Tour make it to Arizona?  Many of us hope so.  Let me know what you think of the video.

Scott Stratten unmarketing This is why Phoenix is getting a stop on the #UnBookTour  well done @membershipjedi 1:27 PM Jan 31st from UberTwitter

Be remarkable, not replaceable

  1. Awesome, good idea, and Im glad he decided to make it there! Let me know how it goes!

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