There’s A Donkey In My Bathtub

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Culture, Innovate, Retention, Value

Ever break a rule, policy or procedure because it was the right thing to do?

I have, do and will (big surprise I’m sure).
I provided a single mom financial assistance for membership on the spot without requiring the paperwork or showing proof of income.

The reactions to my action:

  1. “did what you had to do, great job”
  2. “these procedures are in place for a reason, follow them in the future”
  3. “I cannot thank you enough, this means so much”

#3 is all that matters and ever will.

Do policies, rules, laws and procedures have a life-cycle?

It is actually a law here in Arizona that donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs.

What are the desired outcomes of the rules, policies, and procedures?

  • better customer service or experience?
  • maintain control?
  • control behavior?

Let’s make THE RULE (policy, procedure, and law)  to provide an environment and culture that delivered the absolute best service and experience for all customers and potential customers.  We’ll deal the donkeys when we find them in the bathtub, rather than deny great service because of what may happen or happened in the 1800’s.

Be remarkable, not replaceable

  1. Scott Evasius says:

    Even though I am a finance guy….. It sounds like the right thing to have done…. You have good judgment except on who you play golf with.

    An organizations culture is driven by the actions of its leaders…. You are a service provider… You drove to provide service….

    Hope this helps

  2. Great post! When I read this I immediately thought of a documentary I watched once about Helen Thompson (Sr press correspondent for the white house). In it she says something like this:
    Sometimes you have to ask the tough questions that are on your mind, “you have to be a little daring, and you might incur some wrath, but so what?. If you don’t ask the questions they don’t get asked, and people dont get answers.”

    This is always a tough issue for me because I tend to break rules and boundaries that are set in place, and challenge authority. I dont do this out of disrespect, like some think is the case. I do this because it really bothers me when I see something that needs to be changes, or the worst, when everyone has a problem with something and no-one will say or do anything.

    I know I got off a little but, but in regards to this post, and life in general, I totally agree that you should go off of your own judgement and make the right choices rather than the easy ones. No matter what the outcome is, at least you will feel better about yourself in the long run. I am always the one to speak up and get stuff done and while it can have consequences, its worth the risk.

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