Will You Be My Pen-Pal?

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Passion

Before I lose you all and our words, thoughts and diatribes shift into an oblivion of ether, I’m compelled to share.  My passions evolve from the sole passion of connecting.


  • My wife to my soul
  • My daughters to the world
  • My family to art
  • My members to my organization
  • My team to our mission
  • My friends to my life
  • My golf club to a golf ball

For many years, my internet peers and mentors have enriched my life beyond measure.  I have seen and done things that I otherwise would not have found without someone connecting me to each experience.  For that I am indebted.  And it is my hope that my attempts to repay or pay such generosity forward have helped in some measure.

The consideration of once more waiting pensively at my mailbox (the real one with a red flag) for musings from pen-pals will not serve my impatient tendencies.  Also, I remain fearful that I may not be intriguing enough to remain on the list of those I hold in high regard – if I write, will they write back?  Though the time in between deliveries will serve as a new resource to discover new adventures which I can share in future letters.

My dream is to rent an RV with my family of four and traverse North America, hosting a continent-wide tweet-up/meet-up.  We will share messages from each venue (limited 140 characters please).  Who needs broadband when we will have “roadband”?

With all that I have learned and gained, I refuse to let it go or fade away in the remnants of a storm.  This profound adventure of profound generosity from each of you has inspired me to not let it end – only the vehicle shall change.  Write you soon.  See you soon.

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