$75,000 in 4 Days From FaceBook?

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Economy, Innovate, Marketing, Passion, Value
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I had the honor of opening a new YMCA branch in October 2009.  In the journey I purposefully strayed from traditional practices and those pesky unwritten rules.

Sitting in a dusty, dirty construction site with a hardhat throughout an Arizona summer can lead us to do some crazy things.  I joined Facebook.

In late July we had a direct mail piece ready to hit 20,000 households (OTM for the marketing purists) on August 1st.  One blessing was we had a call center to handle inquiries and sales calls and I owe them to this day.

Only myself and our marketing vice president knew the phone number dedicated to the branch.  So on July 27th, I thought, “what the heck, let’s see if this FaceBook thing is for real”.

20 minutes after the post, the call center called me and said they were getting slammed and people were mentioning they “heard it” on Facebook.  108 page fans at the time and we sold 50 of our charter memberships prior to the mail drop hitting homes.

Here is the FaceBook post (click here) that resulted in $75,000 in revenue in 4 days.

For a non-profit and in a down economy.

Notice the date is July 27, 2009 — the branch did not open until October 21st.  If you tour the Facebook page you’ll see the construction progress photos — I posted something every week religiously.  Sitting in that trailer, I would engage with the community through Facebook, listening to what they were looking for from our organization and sharing aspects of the project.

With the wise counsel of our marketing consultants we created a great product and offer.  We were able to ride the wave of an incredible capital fundraising campaign and I had led or participated in over 50 community presentation in the prior 18 months.  A group of 14 teens even designed our teen center (we went through 12 cans of silly string).

I am far from a social media expert, it served as an incredibly useful tool and vehicle and it made me a true believer and advocate.  In a service industry that traditionally establishes its member relationship in-person, it is allowing us to take those relationships to new heights and levels of engagement.

How has Facebook served your business or organization?  And in your professional opinion, where can we go from here?

  1. Outstanding story. Have you been able to do any analysis on the members that came in through the fb offers vs. your traditionally-recruited members? Do you think that fb has allowed you to reach an otherwise unreachable target?

  2. Ivonete dias de Almeida says:

    Gostei, parabéns, e o que mais gostei foi do call-center, pois nesse ponto YACM – São Paulo deixa a desejar…

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