Where Are the Angel’s Advocates?

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Culture, Motivation
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In the past I have ranted about critics (I refer to them as scorekeepers) and how easy the role is to play.  For a critic there is no sacrifice, risk, expectation or results.  I wonder why there are so many when it is often said, “you’re your own best critic”.

Critics typically use the expression “…to play the devil’s advocate”.  It’s an easy tactic which can put others in a defensive position following a presentation of their work, idea or plan.  By definition, a devil’s advocate is taking a position that he/she does not necessarily agree with for the sake of argument, however it is often used as an entree or excuse to self-invite one’s critique.

Ever so rarely we see someone play the role of “angels’ advocate”.  Rather than hunting for perceived holes or gaps, they find the opportunities and creativity.

The next time you sit through a pitch or presentation, adopt the role of angel’s advocate and watch your tribe grow.

  1. Jackson Wilson says:

    Interesting point. I’ll give that a try.

  2. […] Seth Godin refers to it as the lizard brain) jumped all over it.  I was not serving as an ‘angel advocate‘.  I’d asked the right […]

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