Non-Profit Does Not Mean Non-Success

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Culture, Economy, Motivation, Passion, Value
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Swim with sharks

Duplicate Survival?  No Thank You.
This economy sucks.  Really sucks.  Attend any meeting, conference, or networking event and it’s like the scene from Jaws — everyone’s showing their scars — the largest is the winner.  Interestingly, survival is being celebrated more than success.  No offense, but I’d much rather duplicate success strategies right now than survival tactics.

Back to my Jaws analogy — the successful people in rooms are occasionally being thrown into the ocean like chum (bait or luring substance for sharks) and you hear comments like:

  • She got lucky
  • Well look at their market, they throw money at them
  • He was just in the right place at the right time
  • They broke the rules to do that
  • Anyone in that position could have had success there
  • She won’t be able to sustain that, it will crash
  • He’d be nowhere without his support network
  • Her staff does all the work

Little mention of the risk taking, pioneering, leadership, innovation, passion, drive, motivation, recruiting, intelligence, etc.  The qualities and activities that bring the really cool scars — because pursuing success can also bring failure.  Struggle to succeed, not survive — it’s a lot more fun and rewarding despite the risks and naysayers.  It’s time to acknowledge and commend the successful, they are the ones we should learn from and emulate.  Aren’t you curious at why they’re thriving?  I sure am.

Non-Profit Does Not Mean Non-Success
Because we are serving our communities through non-profit organizations does not mean we are non-success organizations.  We need to know what is working (in any industry), where innovative opportunities are waiting, we need to respect those individuals and organizations that are taking risks and applaud their successes.

There are some great stories and great things happening — great success.  I regularly troll (not sure what’s with all the fishing analogies today) the following sites to find superstars and learn:

Good a collaborative site “pushing the world forward”

Cool People Care “to save the world”, can’t beat that mission a list of some really great orgs and their sites (more of a design thing)

Organizations cannot grow through cost cuts after cost cuts and re-engineering and not every success has to be of epic proportions — the small wins count too.  Find those doing great, survival is for the mediocre.

Choose your platform: survival or success.

Doggy paddling with the sharks,



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