On my desk is a copy of Tony Hsieh’s new book Delivering Happiness (Amazon Link), the story of Tony’s journey in building Zappos.com (link) into a customer service phenom.  In the future, I’ll try to craft some semblance of a review of the book, ironically Tony grew up in Marin County where I was blessed to live and work for a number of years.

My ownership of the book is not surprising — I have desks, coffee tables, nightstand, and car seats littered with books.  What is awe inspiring is that I received this book through Twitter and all it cost me was some time.

I am a fan (not the stalker kind despite what he says) of Jay Baer (Jay on Twitter) and his blog/company Convince & Convert (link to Jay’s blog).  Thank you Jay, you’ve literally delivered happiness.  Jay’s got GIVE.

Quite often organizations pursue social media strategies in an attempt to attract new members/donors/customers.  One of Jay’s principles is to use social media to engage our existing members, deepening the relationship — he speaks my language (or I at least understand his words).

Non-profit organizations are typically stuck in the “asking” gear and in this challenging economy few of us can find the clutch.  I refer to it as the non-profit duck-duck-goose game.  Many fundraising consultants recommend “7 touches and then ask again” — touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, touch, ASK!.  Imagine if we led with GIVE.

What has Jay gained by his GIVE?  A committed reader of his blog, an evangelist in my humble network circle, future potential client(s), future potential speaking gig(s), a buyer of his upcoming book, a constant referral, and a tequila should he find himself in Cave Creek.

Imagine if we led with a GIVE.  We have key shareholders that have passions — some related to our work and some outside.  After my experience I am sending out 4 books this week from fly fishing to NASCAR.

The timeless adage is true, giving is more powerful than receiving.  Got GIVE?


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