Would You Care For Some Entitlement With That Title?

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Culture, Leadership
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Does a title make the person?

Personally, my most important title is “Dad”, which I have been blessed to hold since the tender age of 33.

I’ve never been a big title guy — I’ve witnessed buffoon CEOs lacking integrity (just watch the news) and met brilliant janitors that could serve as character role models.  I’ve witnessed grown adults throw impressive tantrums over office space, some sort of enTITLEment syndrome is my guess.

Titles can be the crack or meth of corporate America.  I admire the organizations that use playful, creative, yet poignant titles like: chief inspiration officer, head geek, president of people, or office of where the buck stops (one of my favorites).

No one can lean on you as leader if all you lean on is your title.  Titles can also provide distance from accountability, distance from customers, end users, and staff that touch customers — removed from most of what matters.  It’s also not something you should try to hide behind.

Some networking events have evolved into vanilla, humorless dances with no rhythm –“I’m with XYZ corp.”  Oh, what do you do there? “I’m the super dooper executive vice special president of logistical and process burdening nightmares.”  Wow, I thought you’d be taller…with a title like that.  Ummm, I’m Mike, I’m a Sagittarian.  Your title is not what you do, your title is not who you are nor how you are perceived.  Is it more impressive to have your name open more doors than your title?

Your journey, your wins and losses, and a network built on trust will provide you far more referrals than your title.  As always our actions speak louder than our titles.  Get hung up on doing, not being.

So, if you could make up your own title that speaks of you and to you, what would it be?

Mike Cassidy
Cool Dad of Mad & Ky

  1. Joy says:

    “Princess of Power”? – oh wait – I think She-Ra stole that right out from under me. Yes, name is more important. Let others explain your “title” but know who you are.

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