When in Doubt, Channel Your Inner Member

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Culture, Marketing, Value
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I recently had the opportunity to participate in a session led by Sam Davidson of coolpeople.org. He made a statement that I found brilliant and timely.

“community is no longer defined by physical space”

True.  In a rough count, my wife, daughters and I  hold 27+ different memberships — both real and virtual.

  • newsletters
  • websites
  • gymnastic center
  • service clubs/chambers
  • sports teams
  • church
  • The Y (of course)
  • retailer loyalty programs

Each varies in the level of engagement as much as our involvement varies.  Does our involvement reflect their engagement?  Not sure, but despite outgrowing Webkinz, my 10 year old daughter continues to visit the website only to “feed” her pets so they don’t starve (virtually).  These groups also connect with us through multiple channels: IRL (in real life), texting, e-mail, mail, web and telephone.

photo by: d3designs

In serving members and customers we have an overwhelming number of channels (with more on the horizon) through which we can create and nurture our community.  It is important to create one community through all channels and not a community for each channel.

When in doubt, channel your inner member.  Take note of your own memberships — what are those that you could not live without doing to keep you engaged as a member?

What channels are you using for your business?  What strategies do you apply to bridge the experience between channels?

It’d also be a really good idea not to let them starve.


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