Nonprofits Need to Fall Into the Gap

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Economy, Innovate, Leadership, Motivation, Value
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For those of us old enough, I’m now singing that old Gap ad: “…fall into the Gap.”  Sorry about that.

photo by: kevinrosseel

If you are a nonprofit leader you are likely familiar with the organization Guidestar (if not, you can check it out here).  They recently released a report titled “The Effect of the Economy On the Nonprofit Sector”, a compilation of the survey results of over 7,000 nonprofit professionals.  I’ll share the link at the end so you finish reading this, so please don’t scroll down — it’s coming.

The report entails a significant amount of very useful data and information.  I would like to highlight 2 key results that present a profound opportunity (for the courageous).

63% of organizations reported that demand for their services increased.

58% of organizations reported that they reduced activities or services to reduce budgets.

See that gap?  It is massive.  It is opportunity.  We have to find it and fill it.  Now filling it can mean creative collaboration, shared resources, increasing our competencies — it is where growth and community impact lies.  It is what we do.  Communities are our customers, they need us and based on this report the need is growing.

Fall into the gap and fill it.

As promised, you can get the report here for download: Guidestar Report


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