Are We Marketing for Our Satisfaction or Customers?

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Culture, Leadership, Marketing, Retention, Value
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Imagine customer satisfaction being deemed unprofitable — think paying for checked airline bags, long lines, on hold, unresolved service issues, disappointing product or service — where is the tipping point?

I often speak about the disconnect between marketing and the customer experience.  As marketers we’ll spend hours choosing the right photograph, at the right angle, in the right light, with the right models, the right font, the right words, right layout so the brochure or ad embodies absolute perfection.  We must honestly ask ourselves if that picture of perfection is translated into the actual experience.  If we operate a facility does it look like it’s “photo shoot” ready every single day or only when the photographer is scheduled?  Does the customer experience reflect the model?  Do we market for our satisfaction or that of our customers?

Here is a great post on advertising vs. reality by 9GAG: Link

Everything we do is marketing: from our handshake at a networking event, our behavior at a conference, how we treat our employees (past and current), how we treat our customers (past and current), to our flashy ads and promos all the way through to the ultimate moments of truth — when the customer, client, donor or member is completing a transaction and well beyond into the continuum of serving.

Interestingly, as consumers we tend to demand far more than we are willing to deliver in our own organizations.  Should a golden rule of service be written or does it already exist?  How are we treating others?



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