About Mike

I’m blessed and thrilled daily to have worked for the same nonprofit movement for 22 years (why I do it), serving communities in Tucson, AZ, San Rafael, CA and presently Scottsdale, AZ.  My title is Senior Executive Director (my thoughts on titles) and I’m not sure why — likely has to do with my age.  In October 2009, I had the honor of opening one of our newest branches which became the largest membership branch in our organization (17 branches) after only 10 months.

I work for people, my wife and daughters control our home so this blog is where I serve as president and ceo, janitor, bottle washer, waiter, bartender, supreme commander, and tour guide.  It serves as my forum to explore new ideas, different ways of thinking and behaving, and at times rage against the imaginary machine of complacency.  That old definition of insanity being the act of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is my foundation.  Please note that quite often I’m making fun of myself — I hate change, but like new — total inner conflict.

A little about me (more titles):

I have a fully vested interest in the future we are creating for our children.  My commitment is to make the world a far better place for my two daughters.  I’m also quite aware that it is a journey and not an overnight trip.  Come along for the ride, we’ll make it a fun.

Committed Lifelong Learner
I’m an old dog that loves to learn new tricks.  If we’re not learning and growing, we’re complacent and stagnating.

Constant Reader
I read everything, from Steven Pressfield to Stephen King.  Amazon.com loves me and my wife has asked them to stop recommending books.  I’ve been known to spend hours in old bookstores – a beautiful niche industry.

Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Seth Godin, Scott Stratten, The Y, Scottsdale, Zappos, Chris Brogan, God (he has no link…I hope), my daughters, my wife, my family, Steve Jobs, my mentors, bosses, clients, members, donors, my community, Starbucks, Stan Lee, and so much more.  I’m a fan of YOU for taking the time to read this.

Idea Agent
Anyone can come up with an idea.  The challenge lies in delivering on our ideas.  I’m the risk-taker, the one who everyone rolls their eyes at, the one who is comfortable learning when the ideas fail or have flaws, and the one who will cheer when others simply try.  Perfect does not scale – we create and deliver nothing when we pursue it.  Are you dying to live or living to die?  Lose the fear.

Servant Leader
Four of my former staff are now CEOs of wonderful organizations.  I’m proud to work hard at creating environments in which I am not the only one learning, growing and trying.

Passionate Nonprofit Advocate
People that choose nonprofit careers are a special breed, their work is an expression of their heart, soul and character – they amaze me.  Donors and volunteers that support nonprofits have my utmost admiration and respect, I cannot imagine the world we would live in without their commitment and efforts.  My 22 year career is full of heroes and mentors who I could only wish to emulate.  We can change the world…for good.

If I could draw, paint or sculpt this blog would not exist.  I am a novice artist with words.  I try to practice writing every day and speak whenever I have the opportunity.  Communication unites or divides us, I hope to unite and inspire thought.

I love golf, can’t stand my stagnant 10 handicap.  I have golfed with the same 11 gentlemen for 5 years and feel grateful every week we play.

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