Let’s Change the World

If you focus on results, you will never change.
If you focus on change, you will get results
– Jack Dixon

I have a great career doing what I love so my consulting, training and speaking are done on my time.  It means time away from my family.  I possess a “hall pass” for projects and opportunities that intrigue me, I will learn from, will change the world, cover expenses or result in a donation to the organization that employs me.

I hope to help.  Successful organizations will be remarkable not replaceable (thank you Seth Godin) in the eyes and experience of those they serve — from members to donors to those in need.  We can all get there together — there is a lot of room in the category of remarkable.  I can also refer a significant number of talented individuals and resources to serve your organization or business for solutions out of my reach.

Our Opportunities:

1)      Most things nonprofit (not unprofit): strategy, leadership, culture, team development, marketing,  membership, innovation, social enterprise, service, customer/donor retention, staff/team development, community impact

2)      Nonprofit social media audits: I have a great team that develops comprehensive audits and recommendations

3)      The non-techie aspects of social media strategies: engagement, engagement, engagement, content, content, content (I know the techies if you need them)

$1 million lunch
Like everyone, I enjoy taking the time to “do lunch” with friends and colleagues, so don’t hesitate to ask. I do however charge $1 million for a lunch in which you’d like to “pick my brain” or “get my thoughts”.  As it will be a donation to the non-profit 501c3 organization that employs me, it is tax deductible.

$0 coffee
5 days a week, I stop at the same Starbucks on the way to my office.  I am more than happy to sit and chat for one cup of coffee (size: grande).  We can also schedule a phone call and share a virtual cup of coffee.

For projects, consulting, training or speaking feel free to contact me to see if we’re a match.

Connecting – My Presentations

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
-Albert Einstein

All of my presentations have been crafted after diligent conversations with the leaders that have invited me to speak to their staff teams, members, boards, executive leadership, clubs or groups.  My intent is to connect people with ideas and concepts that generate thought and result in action.

Can We Talk? – internal organization communication
Nonprofit 2.0 – demystifying social media for nonprofits
Member Engagement – win them over from the inside out
Choose Your Members – organization positioning
Talkin’ ’bout Y g-g-g-g-generation – engaging millenials
Customer Obsession – inspiring a culture of service
Brain Before the Storm – adopting a mindset of innovation
Embedded Headed – integrating embedded generosity

A seasoned presenter and trainer that still gets tingles when standing before a group.  I have served as a national certification faculty member for over 15 years.

(not from my Mom, and I don’t share the ones with big words that I’d have to look up):

“Good down to earth presentation that included real life examples and everyday what-ifs.  Did not seem like a 4 hour training.”

“I was pleasantly shocked how good this was!  This was interesting and Mike was interesting!”

“Great knowledge of field and well delivered.”

“Personal stories had an impact, facts were interesting and thought provoking, I was really engaged.”

“Good presenter, liked how he interacted, made me feel like he was talking directly to me.”

“We gained a new perspective on social media and are less afraid to try it.”

“He’s a little crazy.  I’m not sure we can change like that, I think they’d fire me.”

“Love how Mike says he doesn’t misbehave, he just behaves differently.”

“He makes me want to embrace change by using his stories and how much he feared it.”

“Wondering why we haven’t tried to recruit this guy.”

“This was so refreshing!  We’re changing all our fliers and ads when we get back.”

“Feels like we have an ally in what we’re trying to accomplish.”

“I was laughing until I cried when he shared his daughter’s twitter.”

“Showed me how a non-profit can really profit from social media.”

“Great membership ideas, going to try them all!”