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What’s your message? Are you keeping it real?

It’s an easy trap when crafting your marketing message, does it match a prospect’s experience when they visit you?

Your message is powerful — words can create images.

Words can say — gorgeous home in great area, perfect for entertaining, and my mind rushes to this image:

And when I do a drive by it looks like this:
old house

When you keep your message real you develop trust.

Two years ago, I was asked to submit a bio and photo for a group that had asked me to speak, so I sent an old photo I had lying around:
Not Mike
The event organizer called me and asked if anyone ever told me I looked like Brad Pitt. When I shared that because an aspect of my talk was ‘keeping it real’ I sent that photo of Brad, she could not stop laughing — she put in the program and it was perfect fodder for my talk. I also filled the room, in fact the entire hotel staff were in attendance looking for Angelina. Imagine the disappointment.
just me

Keep it real and you won’t disappoint; authenticity is a rare treat for consumers.

Be remarkable, not replaceable.