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“…to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

One would be hard-pressed to find a more dramatic phrase from a mission/vision statement.  Can non-profit enterprises boldly go where no organization has gone before?  I’d argue yes, with the right crew.

Captain Kirk: inspirational leader, heart and emotion, gets in the ring, lives for the mission
Spock: grounded in science and logic
Uhura: ability to translate and communicate on many platforms
Bones: brings emotionally charged debate to the table
Scotty: can creatively fix anything — makes the vision/direction happen at all costs
Red shirts: still go on the mission even though their life expectancy is the lowest

A regular practice of leaders should be to take an introspective look at their teams.  Is the team poised for action or reaction?  Culture of complacency or one of progress and adventure?  Is there diversity of ideas?  Are meetings a useless exercise or are they filled with lively discussion, debate, decisions and action?

Who is at the table has a direct correlation to what gets done.

I’m considering adding “Vulcan” as a check-box on our employment application — those that check it will be real interesting people.

Like This!


Where are you spending your time?  With people or paper?

We can’t lead paper, nor with it.

Go to your customers, members, teams — be with them.  See them, hear them, know them.  Our paychecks are paid by people and earned through serving them.

Would they miss you if you were gone?

Be remarkable, not replaceable.