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From the minds of children come the most amazing things.

My 7 year old daughter had friends over for a play date and she was showing them around the house, passed by me and said, “that’s my Daddy, he won’t talk, he’s writing with his thinking pen”.

I stopped her in her small tracks and asked what she meant.  She then quickly informed me (despite my interruption of her VIP tour), that when I’m using a specific pen I tend to shut the world out.  “Mom says you go to ‘la-la land'”.

For those wishing to add me to their Christmas list, it’s a Sharpie extra fine point permanent marker – blue (here’s the link: Sharpie , not an affiliate link).

The tour moved on as I sat bewildered.  Could the pen be what puts me in that zone of creativity?  I write everything pen to paper before typing; I use a different (yet very specific) pen for my journal.  Hmmmm.  The Sharpie is my go to instrument for planning videos and presentations — I burn through legal pads like a paralegal (sorry green movement friends – pads are recycled paper at least).  One day my lovely bride may let me get one of those huge dry erase boards…maybe when I grow up.

What tools do you have or turn to when you’re in that “jedi zone” of focus and creativity?

Time for me to holster my “thinking pen” and travel home from “la-la land” (for now).


My weekends are founded on 4 key activities: golf, family time, schoolwork, and collaboration. Now, they often collide and there are also times I have to work, so my weekends are chock full of stuff.

get the point

This weekend I had the chance to meet with a young man that created his own “app” for the I-phone. Too cool, it has sold 50,000 and he scored about 99 cents each. Imagine the gut punch I took when I sat down and he said, “cool to meet someone so creative from twitter.” I actually looked behind me to see who he was referring to in the coffee shop.

I explained that I was just a guy working for a non-profit that blogs for therapy. He countered that he reads my blog often (one of the 100 with each new posting — thank you all) and he admires my ability — yeesh, now I was looking for the cameras for the embarrassing joke.

As I sit there stunned, and he claims to be uncreative, that the apps and programs he creates are just stuff he would like from his I-phone or computer and the programming is simply material to build it, nothing creative (in his mind).

“A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

There are four styles of creative intelligence

  1. Intuitive – focusing on results and past experiences as guides
  2. Innovative – problem-solving, systematic, and relying on data
  3. Imaginative – visualizing opportunity, artistic, “out of the box”
  4. Inspirational – focus on social change and the giving of self

I shared with my new twitter/”app” pal that he is creative from the inspirational style — that app may have fulfilled a self-interest, yet he shared it (his biz partner led the sale).  We parted with the commitment to continue to share ideas.  Now I’ve got to come up with my own “app” idea.

What’s your style of creative intelligence?