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Are there other ways to engage without apologizing?

There is a lot of buzz in the marketing/pr world regarding the Domino’s “turnaround” campaign.  “What customers were saying hurt”, sounds like an organization whine to me.

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Why deliver sub-par products or service in the first place — and what the heck was in the sauce before “43% more spices”? (should I get some medical test from my college days?!?!)  Remember the good old days when Domino’s quality was based on their delivery time?

I’m not knocking them for the campaign — smarter people can do that, what I do knock is putting themselves in the position to need the campaign.

Organizations whose engagement strategy is to piss off the least amount of customers scare me.

In the wellness industry, what scares me are the unsatisfied members that I don’t hear from.  The squeaky wheels are my greatest source of information and innovation.  The silent ones that simply leave are deadly — silent but deadly.

I’d be thanking the customers that spoke up, rather than whining in my new chef jacket.  It’s far more powerful to make an improvement and have others talking about it (like fans, tribes, crowdsource maybe), than having me out there saying, “yeah, we really stunk it up, but we’re not anymore”.

Be remarkable, not replaceable.  And never let ’em see ya whine.