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In addition to asking the right questions, ask questions right.

I bit my tongue the second the end of the question left my lips (damn, I asked that wrong).  The young staff member at the table looked down at his notes deflated and said, “I don’t know, I hadn’t through of that.”  I’d noticed a weakness in the idea he was presenting and that wicked part of my mind (the weak part – Seth Godin refers to it as the lizard brain) jumped all over it.  I was not serving as an ‘angel advocate‘.  I’d asked the right question…wrong.

How we ask is as important as what we ask.  How we ask can:

Create Change


Bad & Ugly

It is a skill to ask the right questions — it’s an art of leadership to ask the right questions well.  We must consider why and how we are asking before we utter a sound.

I’m still learning.  How do you ask your questions?


We’re hearing a lot about the blue moon.  And the closing of the year and decade has us pausing to reflect.

The blue moon will not be repeated until 2028 — of course according to some interpretations of the Mayans, the world ends in 2012.

What are your “once in a blue moon” events?

Mine include taking in a Red Sox game in Fenway Park, fishing, working in a soup kitchen, attending a conference out of my industry, going to church (sorry Mom), losing my temper, horseback riding, and a trip to Disney (land or world).

Whether we have 18 years or 2 — some of our blue moons should be regular events (some we can do without).  Find your passion and then feed it.

This is a blue moon for you, your business, your industry, your team and your customers.  Move forward, take action — serve.  What action can we take to be remarkable and not replaceable?