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I’ve Moved!

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Leadership
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First, many, many thanks for being a regular reader of my ramblings.

My little patch of the blogosphere has over 100 e-mail subscribers and each new post attracts an average of 400 unique readers. I know those aren’t really big numbers in the blog world, but I cannot express my appreciation enough.

Labor of Love
Love what you do and you cannot fail.  I started a blog as an assignment for a graduate school class I was taking and fell in love with the medium.  I find it cathartic, engaging, educational and a lot of fun.  As those of you who know me in real life, the majority of my posts are to share what I’ve learned from my own personal and professional follies, screw-ups and occasional success.  If I were a ‘case study’ writer I’d write case studies of failure and what was learned rather than the glowing reviews others tend to present.  Not sure when case studies evolved into press releases and advertisements, but they’re not my thing.

The Social
I have created some profound relationships through blogging, and met people that I never would have met otherwise.  We must never forget that social media is about people and to be able to engage with each of you on and offline has helped me grow immeasurably and I hope it continues.

Leadership For Good
I have moved my blog to and it is my hope that you will subscribe there — I refuse to move you involuntarily.  As you are all aware I have not used my subscriber list for any other purpose than to share new posts and I refuse to ever violate that trust or your privacy.  I’ll keep this blog up for some time and may re-purpose it in the future as I have 3 blog ideas brewing yet not enough time.

I look forward to engaging and working with you in the new site, be sure to explore it, offer advice, reviews, about 20 of your have expressed very strong opinions and I always appreciate your candor.

Feels like I’m all grown up and moving up and out — hope you make the move with me.

My deepest gratitude and respect,