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Technology — a curse and a blessing.

No one can deny the importance of face-to-face customer service if your business is a destination or has you dealing with folks in person.

Once the outsourcing fad fades will we revert to “insourcing”?

With outsourcing through call centers, other countries, outsourced reps we may be outsourcing our relationships.  The argument is strong — there is significant savings and efficiencies.

In order to maintain a strong service culture, the opportunities in which we do have contact with customers, members or downline teams we must BE THERE.

Face-to-face we must be present and listen with more than our ears.

In social media venues we must respond, be present, closely “listen”, remain watchful for cues/clues and pay close attention to trends or growing threads.

Outsourcing may be an economic reality, however it cannot serve as an excuse for distancing our relationship with those we serve.

The power and prosperity will be with those that hold customer relationships in the highest regard — create fans.

Be remarkable not replaceable.