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I had the honor of interviewing Tyler Ridings. Tyler is the 18 year old founder of The Tune Vault (, an online music and media back-up service for iphones and ipods. Inspired by his loss of over $600 in lost music on an ipod, The Tune Vault is a fast growing service for those of us with ipod stories. My ipods have hit treadmill belts (running at 5 mph), fallen when entering an aircraft — that little space between the plane and gate and you can see the tarmac, left in the Arizona sun (note to Steve Jobs – they melt), and run over by an ATV.

Tyler and I literally met through twitter. He has quickly become an inspiration — a young man with an idea and executing it with all his passion and energy. It was only fitting that we attempted to do the interview on twitter through a service called Tweeterview ( It was not without its challenges, however, Tyler delivered.

The link can be found here: Mike & Tyler Tweeterview

Enjoy and be sure to connect with Tyler on Twitter at @TylerRidings

Be remarkable, not replaceable — as Tyler shows us the path.


We’re hearing a lot about the blue moon.  And the closing of the year and decade has us pausing to reflect.

The blue moon will not be repeated until 2028 — of course according to some interpretations of the Mayans, the world ends in 2012.

What are your “once in a blue moon” events?

Mine include taking in a Red Sox game in Fenway Park, fishing, working in a soup kitchen, attending a conference out of my industry, going to church (sorry Mom), losing my temper, horseback riding, and a trip to Disney (land or world).

Whether we have 18 years or 2 — some of our blue moons should be regular events (some we can do without).  Find your passion and then feed it.

This is a blue moon for you, your business, your industry, your team and your customers.  Move forward, take action — serve.  What action can we take to be remarkable and not replaceable?