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Every morning I receive an e-mail from my personal soothsayer.  Actually, I simply subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog.  In 1999 he wrote a book that altered my mindset and has proven to be a profoundly prescient tome in this age of social media.  It’s called Permission Marketing (link to Amazon).

Remember the kid that always held up the school field trip because he lost his signed permission slip?  Sorry, it was me — lost at the bus stop, on the bus, on the playground, etc.  Long before the age of cell phones it took a while to get one of my parents on the phone for the verbal OK to go see dinosaurs.  I always had permission, just rarely held on to it.

Non-Profit organizations have many friends: donors, members, partners, fellow NPOs, vendors, and other ancillary stakeholders.  All of whom have some relationship to the organization and its work.  All of whom (unless it’s an odd relationship) have granted permission to grow and nurture the relationship.

What are you doing with your permission?  Permission is a gift, before using energy and resources to pursue new “permissions”, determine if you are best using the permission you currently are blessed to hold.

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