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Lottery Mentality vs. Work

Posted: December 4, 2009 in Economy
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First, let me start by saying I’m guilty of taking the “lottery mentality” stance on occasion.  Every week my Dad played the same numbers in the lottery as I was growing up.  Whenever the Powerball jackpot exceeds $100 million I play his numbers.  It is amazing the amount of hope, dreams and visions that little slip of paper ignites — your brain starts on fire and all these wonderful scenarios run through your head like it’s Christmas.

I’ve sat in business meetings in which seasoned executives get the same glassy eyed look in their eyes — “this is the ticket to save our quarter”.   Guess that is where the expression “ticket” may come from.  Scary to base the performance of an entire company on one “ticket”.

We look at opportunities with flashy brochures picturing homes, boats, pretty people, fancy cars and for $XXX that can all be ours…part-time (yeah right).  Or we look at real slick marketing campaigns that promise to bring lines to our front doors.  What they don’t show is the WORK that goes into achieving all those wonderful things.

The lottery mentality can be a menace to any business (if not our society) — setting us and our teams up for disappointment and failure.  Jim Rohn always lectured on the importance of planning.  Success comes in stages — you have a good day, a good week, a good month, a good quarter, a good year and on and on.  All with WORK.

I’ve never sold a membership or product without meeting people — many, many, many, many people.

Don’t look at your business as that little slip of paper of hopes and dreams — look at your plan as that little slip of paper.  The business does not bring you prosperity, your WORK does.

Keep those hopes and dreams alive, lose the lottery mentality — despite all of those enticing offers of effortless wealth, WORK works and WORK wins.