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As a leader, what role are you playing with your team?

Ever work with a leader that simply serves as a scorekeeper, tracking the team’s errors, fouls and scores (in that order)?  I can get an equipment manager to keep score and likely for a lot cheaper (that also answers my constant question of “would they miss you if you were gone”…not likely).

The scorekeeper can’t get injured, benched or traded.  Where’s your risk as a leader — on the field with your team or tucked safely away on the sidelines (or worse – in the skybox)?

This economy has the scorekeepers very worried — shareholders are looking for action-oriented players, not those who have mastered the monitoring of players’ actions.

How does your team see you?  Leaders are not defined by titles.

Position yourself as a player/coach — own the risk.  Let the results serve as the score.

Be remarkable, not replaceable.